I have been in a couple bands, mostly consisting of the same core guys. Mark White, our drummer, Ryan Ashby, our bassist and myself on guitars, and a few times as lead singer and some keyboards here and there.

Mark Tiongco, 1178 Album Cover by Meghan Jones.

Cover art by Meghan Jones

Meghan Jones

Album: 1178
Released: June 30, 2017

My first solo album, sort of. Three songs on this album (Pull, Burnout and Crimson Sky) were songs I wrote with Ryan Ashby and Mark White in our old band Marcellus. The other songs are songs I've written over the years. Yes, I know I hit a buncha bad notes on vocals, I'm not a singer. I'm barely a guitar player.

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Mark Tiongco, #CopyPasta Volume 1

Album: #CopyPasta Volume 1
Released: August 25, 2017

I love cover songs.'s a great way to cover (SWIDT?) the fact that I don't have any new songs at the moment.

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#CopyPasta, Volume 2. Still Too Lazy to Write My Own Songs.

Album: #CopyPasta, Volume 2. Still Too Lazy to Write My Own Songs.
Released: September 25, 2017

Yeah...I've got nothing.

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Album: 2004
Released: January 9, 2018

New! Old songs from 2004.

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